VanDrie Group cleared to acquire Alpuro Group


Bundeskartellamt gives green light definitively

After previous conditional approval, the German competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt has given its definitive approval to the
VanDrie Groups acquisition of the
Alpuro Group. The VanDrie Group will terminate all its activities within German contract veal farming. In doing so, it has fully satisfied the conditions set out by the Bundeskartellamt. With the green light from Germany, there are no more obstacles to the definitive completion of this acquisition and incorporation of the Alpuro business units into the VanDrie Group can now begin. With this acquisition, the VanDrie Group hopes to leverage its leading position in the global market, while focussing on efficiency and Corporate Social Responsibility.

End 2009, the VanDrie Group, with its headquarters in Mijdrecht (the Netherlands), announced its desire to acquire the Uddel-based Alpuro Group. The Dutch and Italian competition authorities cleared this move relatively quickly and although the German competition authority was positive, it attached a condition to its approval: the VanDrie Group was to close all 30,000 of its veal contract units in Germany. The three firms under which these activities fell will soon transfer their ownership to other parties. After nearly 18 months, the acquisition can definitively take place.

The VanDrie Group and the Alpuro Group are family-run businesses. In the 1960s, from their locations in the Veluwe region of the Netherlands, they began producing, processing and marketing veal. Both businesses have branches in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Together they represent annual sales of approx. €1.6 billion, they slaughter almost 1.4 million calves annually and employ about 1,700 individuals.

VanDrie Group, Mijdrecht April 14th 2011

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